Photo News

Over the weekend, my cycling club had a picnic at Hart Springs and, of course, I posted photos.

I have been working for weeks on getting my vacation photos posted. I’m still not done, but thought it was time for a link here anyway. Stay tuned here or on Flickr for more. Still to come are more photos from Lacock Abbey, Avebury, and Scotland.

I also updated the “Random Craigs” at right this evening. Refresh the page a few times and you may see a new pic if you haven’t already.

Good grooming requires work

Or so I have discovered as master of the obvious. I made a decision a week or two ago to quit biting my fingernails. You see, when you’re not regularly chewing them down, they seem to grow pretty darn fast (still wearing the “master of the obvious” cap). Last week I bought a pack of emery boards. This week some of those went to the office. Then, earlier this week, I stopped at Walgreen’s on the way home and bought a pair of nail scissors because I don’t like how nail clippers work. The scissors will be a challenge for someone of my clumsy dexterity. I’m determined to make this work, for a number of reasons.

(And hopefully this marks the return of somewhat regular posting on here. I’ve been busy.)