Goodbye Gallery, Hello Flickr

I made a decision yesterday to switch from posting my photos here on this site using the Gallery package to upgrading my Flickr account to “pro” status and posting my photos there.

Everything will eventually move, but that will take some time. I hope to come up with a solution so that someone coming in off an old bookmark or outdated search result will be properly redirected from here to at least the appropriate gallery on Flickr.

Butterfly Rainforest photos now online

Blue Morpho butterfly in the rainforest.As I noted on the description of the first gallery, a personal FAQ of the past year has been “Have you been to the Butterfly Rainforest yet?” I could have gone anytime, but there was one person I wanted to go with the first time and that confluence of schedules didn’t happen until July 16, 2005. So check out my photos from my trip with Dana to the Butterfly Rainforest.

The very next weekend, Mom came to visit and the day after we went tubing, I took her on a visit to the Rainforest and took another bunch of pictures.

And for those who don’t know, the Butterfly Rainforest is a wonderful attraction at the McGuire Center for Lepidoptera Research at the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida.

Tubing photos

Tubing in the Ichetucknee River.I’m a little behind on posting here, but I thought it worth mentioning that I’ve posted a couple of photo galleries from July tubing adventures at Ichetucknee Springs State Park.

On July 23, Andy and Joy brought Mom and the boys and we floated from Dampier’s Landing down to the South end take-out point. The photos were taken with a Fujifilm waterproof disposable film camera and processed and scanned to cd at Harmon’s in Gainesville.

On July 30, Dana and I got an early start and floated from the North end to Dampier’s Landing. These photos were taken with my Canon Powershot G1 digital camera using my new Aquapac waterproof case. Be sure not to miss the manatees.

More Dust, but it’s settling

After spending some time at work Monday tweaking (more like starting over on) the template of the work blog, I thought that would be a good way to spend the evening while the code structure of the default template was fresh in my mind. The template is still based on the default template, it just looks more like home to me. More modifications are still to come though. I’m thinking about a color scheme based on my hair color. Thoughts?

Pardon the dust

I’m converting my homepage from the plain old thing into a fancy new WordPress-powered weblog. The old links are over there on the right under “Inside.” This is currently the default template, but I’m thinking of putting my own stamp on it, time permitting and given a cooperative muse. This look could last a while, or it could be gone tomorrow.