Butterflies and the late bloomer

Butterflies on Giant Mexican Sunflowers

A pair of Gulf Fritillary butterflies sample the nectar of one of my Giant Mexican Sunflowers (tithonia diversifolia). The flowers are Fall bloomers and come on after the regular Mexican Sunflowers pretty much go into demise for the Fall and Winter. This morning the low hit 28 degrees bringing the first freeze of the season and I wonder how long these flowers or the butterflies will still be around this year.

Wilma meets Erin

I noticed Monday that my good friend Erin had posted photos from her neighborhood in Davie (a Ft. Lauderdale suburb) showing damage from Hurricane Wilma. I heard from her via e-mail Tuesday evening. This one was a Yahoo! Editors’ Pick. And this one was shown on CNN Monday afternoon.

They have no power and no phone (landline or cell), but their DSL link somehow stayed up and she was able to post these while her iBook still had charge left in it.